Aravella believes access to justice should never be dependent on socioeconomic status, which is why she has fought to eliminate cash bail and protect the constitutional right to a speedy trial. She has introduced legislation to expand criminal record relief so people convicted of crimes as teenagers can fully integrate into their communities without being continuously stigmatized for mistakes made in their youth. Aravella is working to increase transparency and accountability in law enforcement by co-sponsoring a full repeal of Section 50-a of the Civil Rights Law and the Police Statistics and Transparency Act to make information on police misconduct accessible to the public. She is also co-sponsoring legislation to legalize marijuana and end the cruel and inhumane practice of solitary confinement in New York prisons. Aravella is committed to ending the school to prison pipeline and supports measures to end the use of biased surveillance technology and harsh, ineffective disciplinary practices that disproportionately impact students of color.